Friday, April 29, 2011

Member Feature: Efrat S. (TsuraLi)

Featured: TsuraLi
Interviewed by: NancyWallisDesigns

As one of the newest TeamT members we would like to get you know you better. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself.
My life has always been about creating. In the army I was a photographer. When I finished my service I studied graphic design and worked as a graphic designer for a while. When I was pregnant with my first child I worked in a photography studio as a wedding album designer. With my second child on the way I felt I needed a break and took time off.

About two years ago I was looking to start a business of my own. I started making accessories for my daughter and slowly it became a small business (still is). I turned the computer corner into my studio (small and colorful). I began selling my accessories, with a little push from friends and family, at local shops and doing holydays sells with fellow designers.

You opened your shop in December 2010 so you are new to Etsy as well. How did you get started on Etsy?
I have been familiar with Etsy for quite some time. I started as a buyer and got caught up in this wonderful world of supply and handmade designs. Some friends who have shops on Etsy got me interested in opening a shop of my own. I pondered about it for a while, reading lots of articles and information about what it takes to open a shop and finally jumped into it. So far it's exciting and fun for me.

Your shop is so fresh and happy looking and visually appealing. Your photos are especially eye catching. Photos are challenging and often a place where new shops fall flat. Do you have any advice on taking such great photos?
I'm trying to keep the shop fresh and inviting by improving the photos all the time. I take photos with day light. Natural light is the best light for most products. Also creating a scene for each item makes it more vivid and appealing. Keeping the shop unified is very important, just like a real shop. I love taking close up pictures and highlight segments of my designs.


What challenges have you faced in opening your Etsy shop?
Time management is definitely the most challenging issue for me. I can say I'm an addict and I need to keep the balance between my family and the shop (and other interesting stuff on the net). The time difference is not helping either. When it's morning in the US it is early afternoon in Israel and all the "action" starts late at night.

Another challenge is the shop visibility. Trying to keep up with so many beautiful accessory shops is hard thing to do.

What’s your favourite part of being a shop owner on Etsy?
The interaction with customers and sellers is my favorite part of being a shop owner, besides designing and creating. It is so rewarding to hear good words about what's in your heart. I also love making treasuries. It is so much fun finding so many gorgeous shops.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
My children, my home, colors, patterns, shapes, fabrics, clothes, drawings, contemporary art, vintage decor. Inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything.

Apart from creating things, what do you like to do?
I enjoy reading design magazines, watching a good movie, shopping, eating and spending as much time as possible with my family. I take great interest in home décor, sewing, fashion design, interior and industrial design. Papier mâché is an old love of mine. Especially, making dolls.

If time and money (and generally all those things that get in the way) were not an issue what is one thing that you have always wanted to try to do?
Definitely study fashion design!!


shellieartist said...

Great interview. I didn't realize you were so new to selling on Etsy. You are light years ahead of where I was in the beginning. So nice to get you know you better and keep up the beautiful work!


TheNightJar said...

what a terrific interview, so glad to get to know you better. Your child is beautiful!

PurePixie said...

What a nice interview! Didn't realize either that you were so new to Etsy! :)

heidi adnum said...

Great to get to know you some more, Efrat!

themagiconions said...

Super interview... love your little studio, Efrat... looks like mine :-)
Blessings and magic,
Donni (Fairyfolk and DovieMoon

sweet and dirty said...

wonderful interview! so lovely to get to know you better! congrats on the feature :)
much success to you!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Great interview! It's wonderful to know more about you, Efrat.

Callooh Callay said...

How sweet--I love your photo setups and your great little model. :)


RosaMaría said...

such great interview!! so glad to get to know you better, congrats!!

Julie - juliegarland said...
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Julie - juliegarland said...

Wonderful interview! It was great getting to know you better! :)

neomi said...

Great interview! Beautiful fun items! Nice to know members better!

Tiffany said...

Wonderful interview! So great to know a little bit more about you!