Want to Join?

TeamT International is a moderated team with the following requirements:
Prior to contacting our Leaders about joining TeamT International, please note that each member is accepted upon the following criteria:

1. A great team mate who can actively participate in the group,

2. Visually stunning product offering,

3. Beautifully curated treasuries representing various categories and price points.

More Information:

We have spent years building our team, not just as a top-notch treasury team, but as a close-knit community. We encourage our members to be involved not only in making treasuries but to develop friendships across international borders.

We try, on a continuing basis, to foster community within our team. However, we realize that being members of more than one treasury team does not diminish the value of our team members. We have no restrictions on how many treasury teams our members can join. Be aware, though, that we will have caps on categories.

* All applicants are voted on by a continually rotating Committee of team members.

* All members agree to create at least sixteen (16) treasuries per month featuring at least 6 team members (in top 3 rows).

* You have very well made, presented and photographed items that are front page quality!

* You are able to communicate via the English language.

* You are willing to be nice and to state your concerns with grace.

If you believe you qualify for this team, please apply here.

This is a juried team, we will get back with you as soon as we can. Applying to TeamT does not guarantee acceptance on to the team.