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Front Page Treasuries for January 2010

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Team Member Feature - TheNightJar (Tarra)

The Nightjar (Tarra) has been a member of Team Treasury since May 2009 (Same month we started the team). It has been so much fun getting to know this talented and friendly artist, and now we get to peer a little deeper with these photos and questionnaire Tarra has provided for us. Thank you Tarra for being an awesome team member!

What furniture/design/home d├ęcor piece do you love most? A bronze statuary horse that my Dad left to me in his will. When I look at it my dad is with me again, encouraging me to do my art.

Married/Single? Married for 13 years

Kids/no kids ? Two kids, Pearson and Fauna , Boy/Girl Twins who will be three years old on Jan 12th-yeah!

Pets/no pets? Two curmudgeonly 20 year old cats, three legged Sweet Pea and her brother Spartacus. We got the two of them at the pound and they were from the same litter, so they are twins too!

Day job? College Art teacher and professional artist/painter

Location? I now live in Oakland, California but I grew up in New York City.

Age? Older than my darling cats

How many languages do you speak and what are they? Sadly, only English

Do you play an instrument? I had guitar lessons when I was 12, I wanted to be in a girl band and be cool but didn't want to put in the effort to actually learn how to play ;O

Can you sing? Not if I want you to like me… I really wish I could sing though!

Lets Talk Business…

Where do you get you inspirations?
Mostly from my dreams but also from watching nature closely. Before I had children I watched birds and collected them when I found them. Much to my husbands dismay I would freeze them and take them out to paint when I needed a still life subject. I have a stunningly beautiful Cedar Waxwing in my freezer who had flown into our front living room window. I also have a tiny Bewicks wren… and an my mascot Armadillo for my studio- but he is taxidermed and I didn’t find him in the wild. I also have a giant collection of nests, my hummingbird nest is my favorite.

Does your family help with your business/hobby? My husband has always, always helped with carting around my paintings to one show or another, he is tremendously helpful. Some of my work is 5 or 6 foot paintings on wood panel, so that is not a small task. My three year old son Pearson always comments and critiques my felt animals (when he is angling to have it)

Do you like your craft/hobby? Oh yeah! Absolutely! Sometimes I feel frustration if things don’t go as well as I had hoped and then I think that I may quit. So I think to myself , “what would I do if I quit painting?” and the answer is always that I would then have more time to paint. Painting and creating art work and craft is so much a part of me that I cant imagine anything different.

How do you market? Mostly by word of mouth but also on Twitter, my blog and by advertising on Modish, Craftcult, and what ever other blog/or website that catches my fancy. Also, there is an event in Oakland called the Oakland Art Murmur where galleries keep their doors open late the first Friday of the month. The gallery where I show my paintings, Mercury20, has hordes of people during the Murmur, so I put out my cards for my Etsy shop then.

What gets neglected when you're tending to your shop or creating? My beauty sleep....and also my clothes and hair and personal grooming. Sometimes I get so into it I don't notice any time going by and then-bam!-3 hours later I still haven't taken that shower.

What are your furture plans for your business? Perhaps do some major craft fairs like Bizarre Bizarre in SF and market off line with cards and flyers to drive customers to my shop.

Any bad experiences with etsy…rude customers/bad buy? Not any worth mentioning. I guess every once in a while items are put in the cart and then not paid for. That is a little annoying but no big deal really.

For Fun…..

Are you awesome? Everyone who lives in California is Awwwweeesome!
When was the last time you had a staring contest? Wow. Maybe when I was twelve with my cat. He won.
When was the last time you fell asleep with the TV on? I never have fallen asleep with the TV on so, maybe I am saving that special experience for old age.

Do you believe in love at first sight? There is surely Lust at first sight, but not true love. My husband and I didn’t even like each other at first meeting…and 20 years later….love is continuing to bloom
Are vampires real? Only in a scary dream once in a while.
Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster? Oh, heck yeah, I mean I grew up in New York
Where you named after anyone? Not a person but the old capitol of Ireland- my Dad was Irish and my (Italian) mom thought of my name and thought my Dad would like it.
What is the first thing you notice about people? Their eyes

What is on your mouse pad? Dirt….and coffee stains, a Santa Claus candy wrapper.


Favorite number? Call me numerically challenged. Numbers freak me out really, so I don’t have one.

Favorite flower? Jasmin- the strong scent makes me swoon with happiness

Favorite color? Scarlet because it is so vibrant and pertains to life (blood) and passion

Favorite Smells? Coffee, roses, my husbands neck

Favorite food? ... What, only one? Is chocolate a food?

Favorite etsy shop? there are so many fantastic shops and there are different shops for different things like the ones that I actually buy from and the ones that I would love to buy from but can't afford. Groundwork shop is really great, her work is amazing. I love Poodlebreath and Pogoshop, Attiladesigns, VintageConfections, Plainspirit, and Madebysam.......Oh, so many more! It is really incredible how many quality shops there are on Etsy.

Favorite pass-time? Reading novels (before I had kids) exercising, running and Pilates, baking cakes, pies and cookies (I used to be a wedding cake decorator), tasting artisan (stinky) cheeses- food- I am a total foodie, I also like to write

Favorite memory? When I was little I would Catch lightening bugs and put them in jars on warm summer evenings...then I would draw on the sidewalk with them

Favorite Youtube video? You Tube videos are life saving when you have two bored toddlers on a rainy day. The only time I have these days are “put out the toddler boredom fire” videos like Monster Truck videos and dinosaur cartoons and any other kid related cartoon thing that is out there. I wish I had more time to explore Youtube for myself but I did see a video recently about a woman named Elizabeth Pschorr that was very touching. Here is the link.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Team Treasuries made for January 2010

January Incentive - Kate of OrganicOdysseys, PolkaDotSandals, AlmostArtifacts and StudioARTBEAD is offering $20 off any item in any of her shops for the top winner and Alice of PipingHotPapers is offering a $15 shop credit in either PHP or RunAliceRun for the 2nd most treasuries for our January incentive.

This is a team list of treasury makers for the month of January. When you make a team treasury, featuring at least 6 of your mates (6 different shops - but not any of your own shops), you will get a star next to your Shop Name.

Who has made a Treasury:
5/09 BeckyM*
8/09 BlueNostalgia
6/09 BovineBubbles *
5/09 BrownBagVintage^*
6/09 CarvelCountrySoaps***
5/09 CatherineReece**
5/09 CyndieSmithDesigns****
11/09 DawnCorrespondence^***
6/09 Eclu*
6/09 Elefint*
6/09 EdensWake****
11/09 FairyFolk***
6/09 FiveForty***
6/09 Glassetc/PhoFun^**
6/09 Handamade^**
6/09 hcHappyCat*
5/09 InboundThread**
6/09 Ixela***
5/09 Jenji1
6/09 JennyNDesign/EightFold**
5/09 JenSanCandles***
6/09 JuicyGraphics/JustineNielsen*
8/09 LaChiffonniere/AnnyMay^*
5/09 LinenMe
5/09 Mamachee/BornWithIt ***
5/09 MooShooPork/LittlePapoose *
8/09 NancyWallisDesigns***
5/09 OrganicOdysseys/PolkaDotSandals/AlmostArtifacts/StudioARTBEAD***
11/09 PattyLakinsmith*
5/09 PipingHotPapers/RunAliceRun ^**
12/09 PonderandStitch***
6/09 SarahJohnAfana/Schemata***
7/09 SayYourPiece^*
6/09 SmallEarthVintage^*
7/09 Sooooound*
12/09 TheFancyLamb^*
5/09 TheNightjar^
1/10 ThreadRare
5/09 TrendyKnitting/EliteBrides*
6/09 VintageAimee****
6/09 VintageConfections^*
10/09 WhiskerKisses