Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Member Feature: Pegg (FiveForty)

Featured: Fiveforty
Interview by: hoganfe

How did you get started on Etsy?
I live in a small northern town in the woods near the shore of Lake Superior. We are isolated so I was looking for a way to market my wares. My daughter told me about Etsy. It took me almost a year to get my shop set up.

What's your favorite part of being a shop owner on Etsy?
I love being part of a world wide community of very talented artisans. It truly is amazing! I have made many wonderful friends here.

What challenges have you faced during the process?
I was challenged right from the start, I had to learn how to use a computer. I have a very kind computer mentor who lives far away from me, and we have never met. I could not have done this without her help, she is an angel!

Having an online shop is challenging in itself, you have to strive to be seen in an ocean of talent.. besides fabulous product you have to have fabulous photos. Striving to be better is an ongoing process.

My biggest challenge is the written word, I am not good at it.

What inspires you?
Nature and colour inspire me!

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I am a daughter, wife and mother. My husband and I have lived with my mom since my father passed away. Our two children are grown and live away. I miss them terribly, just as any mom would.
I am a foodie, a fan of the slow food movement before there was a slow food movement. I grew up surrounded by fabulous cooks, it instilled a passion for food and cooking in me. I love growing food in our gardens, foraging for food in the woods, and cooking with our harvest. I am always trying new things in the kitchen!

What first made you want to become an artist?
My paternal grandmother was a painter. My dad attended art school in his youth, and always encouraged us to create. He had us drawing and painting (playing really) for as long as I can remember. The drive for creativity is the same in my art world as it is in my kitchen.

What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?
Strive to do the best work that you can and take the best in focus photos that are possible.
Make yourself visible, post in the forums, build treasuries, and renew, renew renew!!

Is there anything you would like to share in your feature?
I studied weaving and silk screening for three years in college, as well as painting, photography and printmaking. I worked in a professional weaving studio for a year after college.
I have been weaving on my own for over thirty years. Yes I am old and I have a weird sense of humour.

We had a small team of six Inuit dogs, my husband used them for winter camping. They became a huge part of our family.

In my care for them I developed an injury that prevented me from weaving for a number of years, this is when I started to play with beads. Beads have become an obsession!
I still do not use my floor loom as my injury never healed, but started to weave again on a frame loom. I had thought about 100% recycled content rugs for years, it was a lot of fun and hard work developing my ideas. I found a used upright loom online and adapted it for rag. The only thing I need now is a loom twice the width to weave big big rugs, some day soon I hope!

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Heather Kent's Art said...

It's so nice to learn more about you, Pegg! What a wonderful spirit you have. Thanks for sharing!


Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash LTD said...

Peggy is an awesome lady. I have been privilaged to call her a friend. We convo, email and chat on the phone quite regularly. Peggy, you rock :)

Maria said...

I am so happy to have met Pegg here on Etsy. Her jewellery is beautiful and unique and her rugs are gorgeous. She is a really nice person and a good cook too!

Brigitte said...

A wonderful profile of a wonderful woman!

wrenwillow said...

really interesting Pegg -

I'm so sorry to read about your injury, but happy you found beading which also makes you happy.

Carol said...

I am thrilled to see this feature about Pegg. She is a fantastic artist and a true inspiration.

Uli said...

What a wonderful feature. Pegg is such a fabulous person and talented artist. A great treasure on Etsy!!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to read this, Pegg! I love your spirit, the way you "paint" an atmosphere that helps me almost be able to feel your place, your creative energy, your love of creative play, and enjoyment of nature and cooking. Thanks so much for sharing! xoKandice :-)

Waterrose said...

How nice to get to know one of my favorite shop owners better. Love the weaving....and love cooking. May we all stop by for lunch?

adornyourself said...

How nice to see a feature on such a hardworking and talented person, Pegg does beautiful work. I own one of her rugs and several pieces of jewelry. I just love them all.

Nancy said...

I can't believe I haven't met Pegg because I sure feel like I have. When I joined Etsy I was excited about opening my shop and trying to sell my jewellery. Never did I expect to meet such good friends such a Pegg. Beautiful jewellery, gorgeous rugs. She's multi talented. Fabulous cook? oh yes! I've made some of her recipes and all I can say is de-lish!! One day I know we'll actually share a cup of coffee and Pegg will bring her special banana cake with icing. Yum!

TheEye said...

I've just gotten to know you a little bit the past couple of months Pegg, and you seem like my mind of person. I just adore the pic of you in your rubber boots with an armful of rhubarb. We come from the same neck of the woods too... Lake Superior chicks rock! This was a fun read.

Pegg said...

Thank you Mary, and teamt! This was fun!

Road trip to my house? Just give me a few days notice to tidy up a little.
Ellen if you ever get back to the big Lake you will have to come for a visit!

Patty said...

Pegg, I was born and partially raised in Michigan and feel like I know that neck of the woods a little. It's a beautiful place! I'm glad to read about you - finally, the face behind the treasury making maCHINE! I love to cook, and would love to try some of your recipes some day too. :-)

margot said...

you have such an interesting life, Pegg!! i also have a soft spot for rhubarb, so i got really excited to see you carrying such a big armload of it! ;)