Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Member Feature: Cathy (GlassEtc/PhoFun)

Featured: glassetc
Interviewed by: Hoganfe

Cathy of glassetc is a San Diego based stained glass artist. If you are looking for something unusual you are in the right shop - plant stakes, business card holders also mosaic frames, mirrors, suncatchers, and more!

How did you get started on Etsy?
I actually got started on etsy at the recommendation of my brother who is also on Etsy. I remember thinking that it would be too hard to figure out how to open up a shop and was quite surprised by how simple it really was!

What's your favorite part of being a shop owner on Etsy?
My favorite part of being an etsy shop owner is getting feedback on my work from all over the world and the excitement of making sales! Also being a part of our lovely team, of course!!

What challenges have you faced during the process?
I was frustrated at first when it took a couple of months to make my first sale and then it was still quite slow for some time after that (and during certain periods). Of course it didn't help that we had the worst recession that we have ever seen in our lifetimes. It also takes a while to figure out the ins and outs of etsy and what it takes to make something happen (when to list, how often, etc). I think we are all still learning and trying to keep up with the merchandising themes and new improvements!

What inspires you?
I am inspired by so many things!! I am most creative when I am in the middle of a project or two and then I have too many ideas and have to keep a journal because I need to focus on the projects at hand. I think creativity begets creativity! When I have a creative dilemma I go to my yoga class and by then end of the class I have the solution!

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
By day I am a school psychologist but I have worked part time for many years so I still have time to create (and I have summers off!!) My interest in art began as a young child when I watched my mom paint from my playpen. She has a little etsy shop now too!

What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?
My advice for a new etsy artist would be to offer something original, different, and better than what you see in the category that you are selling. I also try to slightly undercut the prices of other sellers. Other than that it's important to list frequently and network with others (facebook, twitter, etc). It was my lucky day when Tara invited me to join our team!

Is there anything you would like to share in your feature?
In case anyone is interested I have been married 25 years and have three kids (23, 20, and 14 years old). I have lived in sunny San Diego for more than 30 years and prior to that moved around a lot because I was an Air Force brat (which included living in six different states, going to Kindergarten in Tripoli, Libya, and later teaching high school in Tehran, Iran. )

Check out Cathy's other shop (phofun) for cards, t-shirts and paper goods.

Follow Cathy on her blog, too!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Cathy is such an amazing artist and has beautiful shops! Loved getting to know a little more about you, Cathy.

Waterrose said...

I love your creations Cathy and so agree about finding something you love to make that is also distinctive. Sounds like you got a great taste of the world at a young age...always a good thing!

Heather Kent said...

I love these features and getting to know our teamies better! Thanks for taking the time to do this, I had fun getting to know Cathy better :)

Patty said...

I've admired Cathy's work in paper and glass for some time now, and hope to one day soon become a customer. :-) Thanks for the feature!

Cyndie Smith Designs said...

I've counted on Cathy several times to design items to use in my business like labels, boxes, etc. She's a great find and so talented! It's wonderful to get to know her a little better...and one military brat to another - you go girl!

(also known as Jewelbabe)

TheNightJar said...

wow your life sounds so fascinating! Teaching in Iran and going to Kindergarten in Tripoli is pretty mysterious to me....neat!