Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

TeamT International has an Easter Egg Hunt Treasury Challenge for this week.  Create a treasury using at least 6 team members and at least one bunny, egg or something else that is obviously Easter related.

Post your links here (in the comments) and we'll see how many wonderful treasuries will be created this week.

Make sure your Treasury is titled: Easter Egg Hunt --

Go Team!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Front Page Treasuries for March 2010

Curated by juliegarland on March 29

Curated by nancywallisdesigns on March 26

Curated by inboundthread on March 24

Curated by nancywallisdesigns on March 21

Curated by chefjen137 on March 18

Curated by SarahJohnAfana on March 15

Curated by SarahJohnAfana on March 13

Curated by cyndiesmithdesigns on March 6

Curated by SmallEarthVintage on March 6

Curated by brownbagvintage on March 6

Curated by PipingHotPapers on March 6

Monday, March 1, 2010

TeamT International Member Feature - Alice (PipingHotPapers/RunAliceRun)

Alice was one of our very first members, one of the few that joined in May of 2009. I sure don't know what I would have done without Alice when I started the team. She was so friendly and helpful and knew so much more about etsy and treasury making than I did - Thank you Alice for all you have done and all you do!
Alice has two etsy shops:
PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun

What furniture/design/home decor piece do you love most?
I love my bathroom - a friend designed it for us.

Married - 30 years - I wish our life expectancy was 250 years so I would still feel young.

Celebrating 30 years of marriage at Bryce Canyon National Park

Kids/no kids?
4 kids, 2 grandkids

Pets/no pets? 
No pets. Well, my kids claim that our 3 fish are pets but they are mistaken.

Day job? 
I work all day for no pay - homeschooling.

You mean, like, where do I live? Madison Heights, Michigan - Look on Google Earth for exact location.

1/2 century

How many languages do you speak and what are they? 
I speak baby, toddler, and adult. I haven't mastered teenager speak yet.

Do you play an instrument? 

Can you sing?
Yes, but I usually sing best with my flute.

Lets Talk Business...

What's a good stroy behind your craft and what got you started?
I started on Etsy following the encouragement of my oldest daughter (EvaB formerly GreenLeafandOwl). I began with handmade cards but there was too much competition so I researched other methods with which to use my rubberstamps and paper and fine-tuned stamping on dominoes. soon took off with soon to follow. I haven't looked back yet.

Where do you get inspirations?
Nature and paper.

Does you family help with your business/hobby?
Yes, they stay out of my way.

Me, on a bad day

Do you like your craft/hobby?
I love it.

How do you market? 
Online only.

What get neglected when you're tending to your shop or creating? 
Nothing's neglected. I'm Super Wife and Mom! I can balance anything and everything! Just check Proverbs 31 - the author is talking about me! UNTRUE!

Alice In Space

What are your future plans for you business? 
I plan to really take off with my business once my youngest graduates from high school - say in about 8 years...

Any bad experiences with etsy...rude customers/bad buy?
Not telling.

For Fun...

Are you awesome? 
No, I have self-image problems.

When was the last time you had a staring contest? 
Not too long ago with one of my sons.

When was the last time you fell asleep with the TV on?
Last night. 

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Are vampires real? 
No, but I loved watching Dark Shadows as a kid. I can't believe my mom allowed me to watch that show!

Were your named after anyone? 
My grandmother (Alice), my aunt (Elizabeth), my dad (Morton) and my husband (Johnson).

What is the first thing you notice about people? 
Their weight - only because it's the first thing I notice about me.

What is on your mouse pad? 
Don't have one. Mac's don't need that type of thing.

If you were another person, who would you be friends with? 
Harrison Ford, but don't tell my husband.


Favorite number? 3

Favorite flower? rose

Favorite color? green

Favorite smells? Green roses and peppermint.

Favorite food? Artichokes - (SarahJohnAfana, please send some to me from CA)

Favorite etsy shop? Too many to go into here.

Favorite pass-time? Working in my studio

My dream truck

Favorite memory? Being a concert pianist. Actually, this is a memory of a dream I used to have. I was a wonderful pianist and I would always wake up and wonder why I couldn't play as well as in my dream.

Favorite youtube video? If I told you my fav video then you would know how to make Coptic stitched journals and I want to keep that a secret.

Trying to stay warm