Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now that you are a member....Please Read!

VERY that you are a member of Team Treasury, please tag all your treasury worthy items with teamt so that when your team members go to make a treasury they can find you.

How to find your team members:
*You can locate them here, on this blog, on the left sidebar.
*You can type in teamt in the Etsy search bar (all items) and your team member items will pop up
*You can go to our Google group

Make sure to join the Google group, we use this group to inform each other about the team treasuries that we make.

As a team member you have agreed to make at least 16 team treasuries per month featuring 8-16 members and to support the team treasuries with views, clicks on the featured items that you like, and comment!

We all look forward to getting to know you better!