Sunday, May 31, 2009

A good read about treasuries and supporting....

Here are some great ideas for making super duper treasuries:

1) Use the poster sketch so that you are ready when a Treasury opens
2)Create a treasury by theme Ex: Tone, Emotion, Color(s), Shape, Holiday, An Object….
3)Create a treasury by simply putting together some of your favorites.
4)Its good to have a divers list of items in your treasury…unless you are going for a certain/specific theme. You normally wouldn't want more than say...2 necklaces, 2 blankets etc..
5)Have a good span of prices
6)Don’t sacrifice a gorgeous treasury featuring 6 team members just to squeeze one more team member in…if you can’t find another team item that “works” then just move on. Of course it would be great to use as many team members as possible but….I know you understand what I’m saying here ( :
7)Use the themes of the Month Ex: Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, Valentines….
8)Always take note of the front page picks so that you can get an idea of the trends and style of etsy.
9) Make sure to fill up all of the alternatives in your treasury. When one of the items on the front page gets sold the alternative replaces the sold item. Etsy Admin will only choose a treasury that has the whole treasury full. Make sure that the items in your alternatives are just as good and fit just as well as everything else.
10) Do not feature yourself in a treasury.
11) Choose an interesting title…titles are hard for me to come up with so when you are filling out your poster sketch you have all the extra time to come up with something catchy!

12) Do not make treasuries using different accounts at the same time. That is, if you have more than one account on Etsy you cannot have more than one treasury in the regular treasury or more than one in Treasury West using these different accounts. This is an Etsy rule and our team will abide by the rules set in place.

Here are some great things to do to help support you teams treasuries:

1)View the treasury….if you have two separate computers view the treasury with both.
2)Click on the featured items that you like or click on all of them!
3)Leave a nice comment to say well done to your team mate.
4) If you have a personal website you could post a link there so that your followers can also support/view it.

Tagging for better exposure:

It is very important to tag your items very well and to always use up all 14 of your allowed item tags. Not only will great tagging make it easier for your team member to find you for their treasuries but etsy admin makes a lot of their own treasuries for the front page and it will make it easier for them to find you too!
*What colors are in your item
*Is it seasonal? Would it make a good mothers/fathers/Baby Shower day gift?
*What is the material it is made out of?
*Eco Friendly
*Is there a certain shape to your item

Check out this article on tagging….very helpful: